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Our headphones breathe the free-spirited-do-what-we-want-in-the-name-of-REAL-rock-and-roll attitude that Motörhead stands for. Check out Motörizer, Iron Fist and Bomber!

Motörheadphönes earphone series are all-metal! No silly plastic earphones here. Check out Overkill and Trigger!

Motörheadphöne cases are high quality classy rock stuff.
Check out Burner, Metropolis and Capricorn!

We all love the deep, low, warm feeling of that body-shuddering sound called 'bass'. It rumbles through your chest like a juggernaut, feeling like it's coming from within instead of a speaker off in the distance. Unfortunately most headphone makers (in a desperate hunt to achieve that warm low end) end up sacrificing the presence and dynamics in the mid and high end areas of the sound spectrum. The result is no warm low end body-shuddering bass experience.

Their story is the stuff of legends. Road warriors. Volume-busters. Free-spirited-do-what-we-want-in-the-name-of-REAL-rock-and-roll mofos who genuinely do not give a good Goddamn about ANYTHING other than being Motöhead.

And after three-plus decades bringing real rock'n'roll to countries spanning the whole world, Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil decided it was time to make sure that people get real rock'n'roll in their ears 24-7...thus behold...

Motörhead is 37 years young and still feasting on your ears. Through the years they have sold over 15 million albums worldwide, had over 10 top 40 hits , as well as winning a Grammy Award! The members are timeless citizens of the wörld, today based in Hollywood, California, Wales, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden. Motörhead has always been so much more than simply the greatest, loudest, meanest, toughest, rock'n'roll band in the world, they stand for an imprint representing freedom, independence (and a damn good time!). Motörhead is a lifestyle!