WiseTech :: motorheadphones

The Story

Their story is the stuff of legends. Road warriors. Volume-busters. Free-spirited-do-what-we-want-in-the-name-of-REAL-rock-and-roll mofos who genuinely do not give a good Goddamn about ANYTHING other than being Motörhead.

And after three-plus decades bringing real rock'n'roll to countries spanning the whole world, Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil decided it was time to make sure that people get real rock'n'roll in their ears 24-7...thus behold...

No weak-kneed, lily-livered, tin-pot and skinny sounding little pieces of garbage, no, that ain't Motörhead's style. These are headphönes designed to deliver everything louder than everything else BUT with the sort of range, clarity and TRUE rock reproduction you'd expect from a band of road warriors who have been at the top of the tree year after year.

Like anything which carries the Motörhead name, the phönes went through rigorous testing and were subjected to sharp criticisms in development. Lemmy doesn't fuck around and neither he, Mikkey nor Phil would tolerate sub-standard products. Test-sets flew around the world, often being thrown right back as the band refused to settle for something which was "OK" or something which was "decent"..these had to be the real thing.

As the road-warriors themselves say, "If it's too loud, you're too old."

The Brand

We all love the deep, low, warm feeling of that body-shuddering sound called 'bass'. It rumbles through your chest like a juggernaut, feeling like it's coming from within instead of a speaker off in the distance. Unfortunately most headphone makers (in a desperate hunt to achieve that warm low end) end up sacrificing the presence and dynamics in the mid and high end areas of the sound spectrum. The result is no warm low end body-shuddering bass experience.

And you lose the guitar sound, because in this misguided attempt to achieve the warm low end, the low/mid range is also lost. A double negative really. One which we weren't prepared to engage in.

When we at Motörheadphönes developed our headphones, we immediately went to the very top of the professional headphone range as a bench mark. Why wouldn't we? We want to make the best, so we refer to the best of the best.

Another thing we realized, was that most of the music we listen to today, is guitar-based rock and pop. There was nothing which allowed for the heavy rock experience, nothing which could accommodate the crushing power of loud rock'n'roll.

Obviously somebody needed to do something, and that somebody was the iconic Motörhead, the genuine road warriors for the last three decades. This is why we can now, after hard work and collaboration, proudly present Motörheadphönes, by rockers for rockers.


Motörhead is 37 years young and still feasting on your ears. Through the years they have sold over 15 million albums worldwide, had over 10 top 40 hits , as well as winning a Grammy Award! The members are timeless citizens of the wörld, today based in Hollywood, California, Wales, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden. Motörhead has always been so much more than simply the greatest, loudest, meanest, toughest, rock'n'roll band in the world, they stand for an imprint representing freedom, independence (and a damn good time!). Motörhead is a lifestyle!

Motörhead were forged in the purest of fires back in 1975 by Ian Fraiser Kilmister, or Lemmy as he is universally known. Perhaps rock'n'roll's most venerable and popular living icon (as evidented by the success of the smash hit documentary 'Lemmy' which was released worldwide in 2011), Lemmy wanted to take his music and lifestyle directly to the people. Hard hitting, loud, aggressive and raucous rock'n'roll was the general idea, and as Lemmy said in those early, early days, 'If we moved in next door your lawn would die!'

Motörhead gleefully fostered a reputation for brazen indifference to volume control and they quickly fostered a hardcore fan base amongst rockers, punks and outcasts. They developed into an unstoppable juggernaut, the most dangerous of the dangerous, and 1978's record Overkill helped that legend grow even further. The title track alone is a skull-crushing classic with a double kick-drum pattern that established the template for modern heavy metal drumming.

Motörhead and their legendary logo quickly became a badge of honor and a stamp of rebellion. Central to their appeal was the fact that Lemmy & Co. really didn't give a damn what anyone thought, yet they retained a sense of camaraderie and togetherness with their audience that was unforced and unique.

In 1980 the band recorded Ace of Spades and its title track became the stuff of life, love, legend for multitudes and Motörhead have since then officially moved in next door to everyone. As if to cap it all off, Motörhead is confirmed as the loudest band in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.

Through the years tours sold out left and right, while touring, lawns have been dying over the globe and it is clear that Motörhead is officially a legendary rock'n'roll force of nature. As if to underscore this, the band will release a new live DVD and album titled 'The World Is Ours Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else' in October 2012.